Unique Technological Features That Make Limo Service Seamless

Limousine companies have invested heavily in technology, and this has given them a competitive edge in the transport industry. They boast of high clientele base which comprises of for those traveling to a business meeting, to the airport, for a special occasion, ceremony, or just for pleasure. The following features make limo service the best in the industry:
1. GPS Monitoring and Tracking Devices

Limos are fitted with a GPS tracker that reports both real-time and historical fleet location. There is a tech team that is specifically dedicated to monitoring where the vehicles are at any time as well as the speed. The tracking system also aids in the quick recovery of the vehicles in case of theft or carjacking incidents.

2. Safety Features

Limousines are fitted with dual cameras which capture quality videos at the front and inside of the vehicle.Some are mounted on the rear view mirror. Whenever there is a triggered occurrence, for instance, an accident, aggressive driving habits such as swerving, sharp cornering or over-speeding, the cameras record both the audio and video of these actions few moments before and after they occur. Consequently, this has enhanced safe driving practices by the drivers on the roads since they are aware that they are being recorded.
3. Comfort and Luxury Features

Most Limos have a tablet fitted in the back passenger arm which they use to control the non-driving functions of the car. This is known as the Touch Command, a high-level technology which allows them to control the entertainment system, adjust sitting positions, trigger the massage function, and identify the current location, among others.They also have enough leg room as well adjustable seats, and the partition accords the customers privacy.
4. Impeccable Driving Experience.

Limousines have been designed in a way that allows the driver to adjust the vehicle’s behavior in line with their style. There are three engine modes namely Eco-Pro, Comfort and Sports which can be customized per the driver’s preference. For instance, the engine can be set to sports mode, while maintaining suspension in cozy mode. The cameras around the vehicle give the drivers a clear view of the surroundings so they can navigate narrow spaces in parking areas.
5. Elaborate Software

In addition to the physical features of the vehicles, the companies have also installed sophisticated software systems that automatically record and update all trips details including bookings and dispatches. Their customers can make reservations and payments through their smartphones, a service they find very efficient.