Samsung Galaxy S7.

Being an avid and regular supporter of Samsung phones, we cannot deny that we were more than a little excited on hearing about the release of the Samsung Galaxy S7, when we had all been in anticipation since hearing of it’s creation. Samsung have always created great mobile phones for the market, and they are so high tech that they are often in competition with Apple Iphones. However whatever your opinions are of either brand, you cannot deny that the new Samsung Galaxy S7 is set to be a fantastic model to add to the company’s already expansive list of high tech gear. In general Samsung galaxy phones have always been packed full of features that the owners of the device can utilize, some of which are high quality camera, great sound, as well as a large memory. However, has the new Samsung Galaxy S7 achieved the same high loved status that it’s predecessors have?

Well first, we have to say this this phone is the best android phone up to date, the design though similar to it’s predecessor the Samsung S6, is classic and clean. It does still have some very minor changes though, such as the slight change in position of the camera lens among others. However the look of the phone is stunning. It’s smart whilst also elegant making it suitable for all users. However the design isn’t the only feature that impresses us. Indeed it is the updates within the phone system that make us smile. First off Samsung have updated the phones specifications such as it having a new 3,000mAh battery, 12MP camera and a 5MP selfie camera, fast and wireless charging and to top it off a quad-HD display. However these specifications are out done with the phones major selling point of it being mega resistant and waterproof. We have all dropped our phone at least once, so when this happens and you have spent over £500 on your phone, knowing that the phone is heavily guarded makes the situation that little less stressful.

All in all we think that the new Samsung Galaxy S7 is a marvelous android phone, that is definitely the best on the market. The phone is suitable for anyone on the go from a business man to a landscaper. Samsung have done themselves proud with this piece of technology and we look forward to seeing what they produce in the future. We hope that you have enjoyed this review and that you will share your own opinions with us on the new Samsung Galaxy S7.